Amanda has been sober for over 6 months and is building a bright future. Amanda shares, “If it weren’t for Barium Springs, I would either be in jail or dead. Thank you Barium Springs for keeping me alive and believing in me.”


18 years old


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Newsroom - Thank you, Linda McLester!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pictured above:  Linda McLester and Barium Springs Board Chair, John Foster

We would like to take a moment to thank somebody who is very special to Barium Springs, Linda McLester. A previous alumna of Barium Springs, Linda is also an active board member. 

Linda, we want to thank you for your tireless work of always promoting our mission to your brothers and sisters who grew up at Barium Springs. At almost every alumni event, Linda reminds everyone of our needs. Times are very different today than in the orphanage days. But, Linda always reminds our alumni that we are still in the business of helping children. Our mission hasn’t changed. 
Thank you so much, Linda. We love you!

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