When Kaitlyn was 8, her dad drained her mom’s bank account and took everything she had—her mom told him to pack his bags and get out of the house. Kaitlyn got off the bus one day after school with her brother and saw her dad had moved out and all that was left was a note. Kaitlyn was a daddy's girl so when he left, she was devastated. She didn't understand why he left because she was so young. She just knew she got home from school one day and her dad was gone.


16 years old


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Catawba Valley Healthy Families Program

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2012 Catawba Valley Healthy Families Annual Report

About the Program
This intensive home-visiting Family Support Program aims to strengthen families, increase protective factors, and promote healthy childhood outcomes.  It is a prevention program which identifies overburdened first-time parents with multiple stress factors and upon their enrollment, assigns them a specially trained Family Support Worker (FSW) who provides long-term support in an effort to eliminate or ameliorate stress factors that could potentially lead to child abuse or neglect.  Home visits occur weekly and workers are on call to families 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Specifically, services include: 
instruction in parenting skills
> child development and safety
> coordination of a wide range of community resources
> linkage to a "medical home" and other health-care services
> support to parents to become self-sufficient

Services are voluntary and families enroll before their baby's third month of infancy.  Families may continue to participate in services up to the child's fifth birthday though most families meet requirements for program graduation by the child's third birthday. 

Areas Served
Burke County

Families interested in this service should contact Dollie Adcock at dollieadcock@bariumsprings.org.